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Although the titles of many Hollywood blockbusters are tacky and derivative, most of them at least have some kind of concept behind them. The translated titles we see overseas, however, rarely have any connection to the original concept. Usually they are derived from some other movie title, most often trying to cash in on a recent success or a classic from the Seventies. The following are some of the more memorable versions of movie titles (starting in Hebrew 'cos that's my thing):



  • Crazy in Space (just about every comedy gets a "crazy" in its Hebrew title. This dates back to an old French movie, which I think was called "La Boum" - in Hebrew they called it "Crazy Party". Under the theory that nothing succeeds like succeeding at success, the Israelis have developed a sure-fire formula. Use "Crazy" or "Pleasant" - see below - in the title, and people will know it's some funny shit.)
  • The Gun Died Laughing (see "Dying to Live" above)
  • The Crazy Race
  • Have a Pleasant Flight
  • The Real Thing

Dramas and Other:

  • Fateful Courtship - I fully believe this happened because of a transcription error on the English end of things. Unfortunately this happens quite often.
  • Zig Zag Story (a conundrum. This is a great French movie from the late Eighties. Nobody I know outside of Israel - including French people - has ever heard of it, and nobody in Israel knows what the original name is. I'd be grateful if someone could locate it for me.)
  • My Affair with Annie
  • Alex's Friends
  • Rusty James
  • Palace of Dreams
  • Just As We Were Falling in Love - there just aren't words to describe how bad this is. Unfortunately, there is no such word as "serendipity" in Hebrew - the easiest explanation of the concept takes three words.

In Danish (contributed by Carthag)

In Japanese:

Originally I had thought to make this an open node, with other furr'ners adding their own writeups in the languages I do not yet speak. Alas, after consultation with several editors and repeated invocation of the phrase "GTKY Node", not to mention "If you do that the whole node will end up getting nuked", I have decided to try and maintain a growing list of translations in all languages all by myself. Perhaps this will teach me something about international psychology. So, if you have any personal favourites, in whatever language you find most comfortable, please /msg me and I will add them to the list. The more the merrier.

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