In Freudian terms, to submerge yourself in something. To work, study or exercise in an excessive manner.
"He threw himself into his work."

If a basic human drive is sex, (Eros), but sexual behavior needs to be reigned in, sublimation is the productive, socially acceptable use of that reigned in energy.

Sublimation is the triumph of the Superego over the Id. The "whistle while we work" of the Freudian mind/body experience.

Also might explain why there are so many damn nodes here after dark. Could be.

Sub"li*mate (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Sublimated (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Sublimating.] [L. sublimatus, p.p. of sublimare to raise, elevate, fr. sublimis high: cf. F. sublimer. See Sublime, a., and cf. Surlime, v. t.]


To bring by heat into the state of vapor, which, on cooling, returns again to the solid state; as, to sublimate sulphur or camphor.


To refine and exalt; to heighten; to elevate.

The precepts of Christianity are . . . so apt to cleanse and sublimate the more gross and corrupt. Dr. H. More.


© Webster 1913.

Sub"li*mate (?), n. [LL. sublimatum.] Chem.

A product obtained by sublimation; hence, also, a purified product so obtained.

Corrosive sublimate. Chem. See under Corrosive.


© Webster 1913.

Sub"li*mate, a. [LL. sublimatus.]

Brought into a state of vapor by heat, and again condensed as a solid.


© Webster 1913.

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