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All My Friends, They are Snow Riders

Sugarloaf - or to be politically correct, Sugarloaf/USA, is located in the heart of Carrabassett Valley, Maine. It has one of the top golf courses in New England, but that means nothing to me. What is important to me is that it is arguably the best skiing resort in Maine (Sunday River may be considered better by some), and is one of the great resorts of the east. Owned by the American Skiing Company and visited by thousands every year, Sugarloaf is fantastic.

The second highest peak in Maine at 4,237 ft, it is the highest Ski resort up here, and has over 130 trails. If numbers impress you, Sugarloaf has a 3 and a half-mile trail, 1,400 acres open to skiing and riding, 15 lifts, including two Superquads. There website says they can take nearly 22 thousand people up the lifts per hour. 40 shops make this a great place to stay for a weekend to a week. One of Maine's popular rock radio stations also broadcasts from the top of the 'loaf.

Money doesn't go very far at sugarloaf. While $50 lift tickets and $30 rentals may or may not sound steep to you, food is a lot. There is a restaurant near the top of the mountain and a small eatery in the lodge, but expect to pay well for everything because while your there, you're theirs.

The clinics are nice. I never took one when I started riding, but later I sat through one with a friend. It seemed to be pretty helpful for the beginner. They also offer some more advance classes. All of their classes are Perfect Turn®.

They have a nice park called the Stomping Grounds. A half pipe, numerous jumps, as well as other things to play on can all be found at sugarloaf. If you are just getting started with jumps, I would recommend the Quarantine Zone for it gets much less traffic and has some smaller jumps. I have had great times at sugarloaf, and would recommend the mountain to anyone in the area. If you not a very good rider, I would recommend the Whiffletree Quad. The more experienced riders can find there own way to the top, just grab a trail map on the way out.

Sugarloaf's website can be found at www.sugarloaf.com Check it out, there some good stuff.

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