I don't get you, buying suits 
wearing suits 
    five days a week, eight hours a day 
(and overtime whenever needed 
    five days a week, four hours a day) 
Business breakfasts with a suit 
Business lunch with a suit 
Greeting your employees, managers and CEOs 
    while wearing a suit 
How on earth can you express joy? 
Obviously you don't wear a suit 
    because that's what you do every day 
And joy is not an everyday thing 
Do you write poems? 
Do you sing songs? 
What do you do in birthdays, 
anniversaries and funerals? 
How do you tell the world 
that you're happy for life, 
that you're in love, 
that you're in sorrow? 
Do you wear a suit? 
Do you just change your shirt and tie? 
I fear your suit. 
It's a way of telling the world 
that you don't care 
That everything is important 
    (and therefore, nothing is) 
It's your way of saying: 
    "I am someone in this world 
    And I deserve attention" 
Aren't you somebody 
without a suit? 
Aren't you worthy of attention 
in T-shirts and jeans? 
What's so special about your suit? 
I don't know if it's a mask 
or a prison, or a trap. 
I don't know if you like it 
But to me (and many more) 
you look like a madman 
masturbating with your fellow suits 
all important men 
climaxing on business cards 
but never 

(First of a series of poems I'm doing: "Businessmen" I'll later link to the rest of the poems here)

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