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Well, I found this baby in Random Nodes, and the title was just too good to pass up.

The dead of winter in Hanover, New Hampshire can be pretty damn dead and wintry, if you will excuse my lack of appropriate imagery. Think Iceland, during an Ice Age, all inside a wind tunnel inside a really big fridge, and you will get the idea. The days last about 3 hours, and if you're lucky it gets to a balmy forty-eight below.

And if you're like me, you say, damn, I wish summer would show up. But it's just not happening. It's like you're stuck in a frozen, deranged version of Camp Grenada, except with lots of snow instead of all that rain. And huge snowballs of death sliding off the roofs of buildings and gigantic sharp pointy icicles the size of small nations dive-bombing you from the trees. I once saw someone get hit by one of those icicles... he heard the CRACK! and had just enough time to look up and scream "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" before the razor-sharp shards of frozen death hit him. He got one in each eye, one up the nose, and the main chunk went into his open mouth, straight down his throat, and out his ass, pausing along the way to break his arms, kneecap him, and cut his heart and liver into tiny little bits and feed it to his dog.

So you can see why we like it when summer shows up.

And we call, and call, and wait, and wait, and it sometimes seems like summer does not, in fact, answer when you call. But then, after a few months, it gets to be June and the snow starts melting, slowly... and then, finally, summer shows up, for a good two weeks before the snow comes back!

So you see, the title of this node is not strictly true. Summer does answer when you call. She just takes her sweet time picking up the phone.

does the nodeshell rescue team still exist? if so, they are in a singularly silly mood today

Planning a trip is more wish than outline--
A list of what might be,
masquerading as an organized diagram.

We will go here-
we will visit these places, and see
x number of friends or families.

So much time spent creating scenarios
based on abstract ideas and long range weather forecasts.
Schedules made mostly on conjecture.

The faulty logic will not deter us.
We will still make calls and send letters.
There will be maps and tickets purchased.

Summer, the least dependable season,
will be unimpressed.
She will do as she pleases.

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