If you believe everything you read, Super Greg is a DJ who sports a uni-brow and a red track suit with white stripes. He's got a team of two known only as "Rashy" and "Roccy", does gigs in the "Stüwe Club" and is very proud of his "Pro Master Mix 5000X".

Super Greg is actually a fictional character created by the Fallon ad agency for a Lee jeans ad campaign. Super Greg's "personal" web page (www.supergreg.com -- which no longer exists) was a viral marketing component to the campaign. Supposedly the Super Greg page was originally created by Fallon without Lee's permission (something I find hard to swallow). It was an obvious attempt to cash in on the Mahir insta-fame phenomenon.

See also: Curry and Roy (two other "people" invented for the same ad campaign)

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