A UK Super Nintendo Magazine from Future Publishing. Notable for the fact that while many other UK SNES mags ignored a lot of the import games, Super Play embraced them with open arms; and Wil Overton's great anime-style artwork that graced the pages of the magazine. Big supporters of RPGs on the SNES platform, which they prized above all other genres, and lobbied Nintendo UK (albeit unsuccessfully) for the release of more Square games, which NUK had the rights to. Every month, they ran a two page column called Fantasy Quest, bringing news on the latest RPGs to be released in Japan, most of which would never even recieve English translations, let alone UK releases. The Super Play team were all great anime fannatics, and even went as far as including a two page column by Anime UK editor Helen McCarthy, and review anime videos in their later issues. While not going as far as to include lock-out bypass, or 50/60 switch instructions, they did give a fair amount of technical detail on the SNES, showing you how to change the SNES's internal fuse in one issue, and answering questions on 50/60 switches. The magazine in general gave fair and well written reviews, but suffered when the 16-bit era came abruptly to an end, leaving a vacuum until the begining of the 32-bit era. In their final issue in 1995, they reviewed Super Mario 64.

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