Alright, the one I've been dreading: here's season 7. I will reiterate, I am not a huge fan of this season. There were a lot of things that seemed like they didn't get used to their full potential, like the Big Bad of the season, and trying to summarize some of these caddywhompus episodes made my brain hurt, but anyway, here it is...

Meet the New Boss (Episode 1)

Cas, now powered by the souls of Purgatory, declares himself the new God and starts to right the wrongs of the world as he sees them, but are souls the only thing that came out of the door to Purgatory?

Hello, Cruel World (Episode 2)

The Leviathans have escaped the confines of Cas's vessel and start to infiltrate their new world. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby try to help Sam deal with his Hell flashbacks and learn as much as they can about their new foe.

The Girl Next Door (Episode 3)

While hiding and healing after their first encounter with the Leviathans, Sam sneaks off on his own to investigate some deaths that remind him of a case he worked when he was just a teenager.

Defending Your Life (Episode 4)

People are being killed in manners that reflect the crimes they committed in life. When Sam and Dean investigate, Dean finds himself literally on trial.

Shut Up, Dr. Phil (Episode 5)

The boys, and a whole town, are caught in the crossfire when a witch goes on the warpath.

Slash Fiction (Episode 6)

The Leviathans make lives for the Winchesters extremely difficult after they stage a country-wide murder spree while wearing Sam and Dean's faces.

The Mentalist (Episode 7)

Psychics in "the most psychic town in America" start to have visions of their grisly deaths.

Season 7, Time for a Wedding! (Episode 8)

Dean is flabbergasted and suspicious to find out that Sam has gotten married to his biggest fan, Becky, and seems to be utterly in love with her. 

How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters (Episode 9)

The boys and Bobby go to check out what seem to be sightings of the Jersey Devil, but discover something else is going on, something much more troublesome.

Death's Door (Episode 10)

While in a coma and on the brink of death, Bobby relives the moments that shaped his life.

Adventures in Babysitting (Episode 11)

Dean desperately searches for a way to kill Dick Roman, the Leviathan leader, in order to get revenge. Sam gets a call from the teenage daughter of a hunter, whose father has gone missing.

Time After Time (Episode 12)

An encounter with a mysterious creature that has been aging people to death leaves Dean stranded in 1944 where he meets a hunter named....Elliot Ness?!

The Slice Girls (Episode 13)

The guys look into some deaths where men have been murdered, had their feet and hands cut off and symbols carved in their chests. Meanwhile, Dean is shocked to find that, just hours after a one night stand, he's a father to a toddler.

Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie (Episode 14)

Bad parents are getting killed in distinctly strange ways after their children attended parties at a local children's arcade.

Repo Man (Episode 15)

While trying to find Lilith four years ago, Sam and Dean encountered a man who was possessed, and saved him with an exorcism. Now it looks like the demon is back again and is picking up where it left off.

Out With the Old (Episode 16)

A local secondhand store is going out of business and the previous owner's son unwittingly unleashes cursed objects on to the town. Sam's hallucinations of Lucifer start to cause insomnia.

The Born-Again Identity (Episode 17)

Sam hasn't been able to sleep for four days and starts to suffer a complete mental break and Dean is forced to commit him. While searching for a cure, Dean stumbles upon a mystical healer with a very familiar face...

Party On, Garth (Episode 18)

A violent ghost seems to be targeting the family members of a brewery owner. Garth, a hunter the boys met earlier, asks the boys to help him out when his first attempt at putting the suspected spirit to rest fails.

Of Grave Importance (Episode 19)

An old friend of Bobby's contacts Sam and Dean about a haunted house case she is working. She then ends up stuck as a spirit in the same house she was investigating, where she meets another ghost she didn't expect to see.

The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo (Episode 20)

The boys, plus a ghostly Bobby, attempt to figure out what Dick Roman's endgame is and to make things worse, a Roman Industries hacker named Charlie is close to breaking open a hard drive that contains crucial information about Sam and Dean.

Reading is Fundamental (Episode 20)

After Sam and Dean open the artifact they stole from Dick Roman, Cas wakes up from his coma and a high school student named Kevin Tran finds himself thrown into the boys' orbit.

There Will Be Blood (Episode 21)

Using the information Kevin decoded from the tablet, Sam and Dean set out to construct the weapon to take out Dick Roman.

Survival of the Fittest (Episode 22)

Sam, Dean, Meg and Cas head out to infiltrate Dick Roman's headquarters, rescue Kevin, and take out the Leviathan leader.

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