This is the strangest thing that's ever happened to me and it is TOTALLY true

One night about a year ago (Sept. 2002) I was driving from St. Louis down to the sticks where my wife and mother-in-law were. It was a Saturday night; I'd just been down at a Blues preseason hockey game selling the magazines I do cartoons for. I called my wife and mother-in-law on my cellular phone to ask them want they wanted me to bring them for dinner. I want to make it clear that I called a landline phone. We talked about various things, but ultimately decided upon good ol' Kentucky Fried Chicken. We then said our goodbyes and, since I was on a hands-free device, decided to let my wife hang up, which she did.

The Weird Starts

Several minutes later while still driving down the quiet, lonely Jefferson County road, my phone beeps saying I have a new voicemail. I thought this was odd, since I'd had my phone on the entire night. But, I checked it anyway.

The Weird Gets Weirder

Lo and behold, the voicemail that I received was the conversation I'd just had with my wife! Weirder still, it was only her side of it! It was the exact conversation we'd had, only my voice was not in it. Why would my cell phone mail me the conversation, and why would it eliminate my side of it?

Weird Gets Even Weirder

So I thought that the voicemail, while strange, was slightly humorous. After all, it's not every night you get to relive a conversation, only you're not in it. I stopped chuckling when the conversation came to and end, where my wife said: "I love you, goodbye." CLICK.

OK, voicemail over, time to hang up, right? NO. The message keeps going! After that the message goes on for several more minutes where I listen to a mumbled conversation between my wife and my mother-in-law, which I believe was about chicken, but it was hard to hear. So, somehow the voicemail system, which shouldn't have been recording the conversation anyway, kept recording AFTER she hung up!

Oh, you say, this isn't so strange! She didn't hang up!

Ah, but she did. If she had somehow left the phone off the hook, how could I have gotten a hold of her immediately after I was done listening to the voicemail? Being that it was a landline phone I was calling, I would have gotten a busy signal! But I got patched right on through. So how did my phone record the conversation she had after she hung up?? Because my phone must have been POSSESSED! Or, perhaps, taken over by aliens from outer space.

When I told this to my cousin, who works for Cingular Wireless (my carrier), he was perplexed. So were the workers at my local Cingular Wireless store. That phone, which I no longer have, did lots of weird things, this is just the weirdest. It was a supernatural phone, I'm convinced!

I Coulda Kicked Myself in the Arse!

My one huge regret about the strange ordeal was that, instinctively, after listening the message, I deleted it, which is what I always do with annoyingly long messages. As soon as I did it I cussed myself out! The phone must have gotten inside of my head and told me to delete it so there'd be NO PROOF! I just hope that there isn't some poor soul out there with a used cell phone whos getting strange messages from ghosts or space aliens.

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