One of three weight lifting grips. The supinated grip is second only to the pronated grip in usage. It is also known as the underhand grip. Some people may know this grip as a reverse grip, however, the reverse grip is a distinct grip mostly reserved for doing deadlifts. To perform this grip, grab the bar with the palms facing upwards and the thumbs facing outwards.

Alternating the use of the supinated and the pronated grips will make your workouts more effective. The effectiveness of the workout is increased because muscles adapt very quickly to repetitive motions. They quickly recruit different combinations of fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers in order to perform a known movement with less effort. Varying the grip is one way to keep the muscles from tuning themselves to perform a particular lift. For example, one week the Lat pulldown could be performed with a pronated grip, the next with the supinated. Muscles that work harder, improve faster.

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