1993 album by Polygon Window, a.k.a. Richard D. James. Fans of his Aphex Twin work would do well to check out this mostly abrasive release reminiscent of AFX's Analogue Bubblebath releases. Also of note: this is Rich's first Warp LP, as well as his first American release (through TVT). The new, digitally remastered, American re-release has two new tracks recorded during the same era as SoSW. Allegedly, some of these songs were recorded as early as 1986.

Polygon Window
(Surfing on Sine Waves)
1993 (US reissue 2001)

  1. Polygon Window
  2. Audax Powder
  3. Quoth
  4. If It Really Is Me
  5. Supremacy II
  6. Ut1-dot
  7. (untitled)
  8. Quixote
  9. Portreath Harbour*
  10. Redruth School*
  11. Quino-Phec
* Indicates tracks are present on US reissue only (available worldwide through WarpMart)

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