High-speed data transmission circuit. Also called DS4 signaling, it provides throughput of 274.176 Mbps and is derived from multiplexing 4032 64-Kbps services. That's the equivalent of 6 T3s, or 168 T1s!

Unfortunately, nobody seems to use it.

Also, in Canada, the name of a Revenue Canada form that employers issue to their employees as an official statement of yearly earnings and taxable benefits and of income tax, canadian pension plan, and employment insurance contributions withheld by the employer and submitted to rev can on the employee's behalf. A copy of the T4 is then attached to your tax return. T4s are generally issued in March for the previous calendar year.

A kind of virus, more specifically a kind of bacteriophage. T4 bacteriophage, like other bacteriophages, are viruses that infect bacteria.

T4 is one of the cool looking bacteriphages (or "phages"), with a faint resemblance to the LEM, or Lunar Excursion Module, the part of the Apollo Moon missions that actually landed on the moon. The DNA is stored in the geodesic "head", and the bottom part forms a "landing gear". This "landing gear" contacts bacteria, binds it tightly, and injects the T4 DNA into the bacteria. There, the T4 DNA starts it's program of shutting down bacterial functions, and starts making more T4 bacteriphage.

One enzyme encoded by the T4 bacteriophage genome, T4 ligase, is often used in molecular biology.

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