TTX Corporation is a rail car pooling company based out of Chicago, Illinois. It owns that largest feet of intermodal rail cars in North America. TTX was founded in 1955 through an agreement with Rail-Trailer Company and the Pennsylvania Railroad. TTX was originally called Trailer Train Company or TT. In 1991 it's name was changed to TTX, with the "X" being a convention to denote a non operational railroad. TTX is a privately held company owned by major railroads for the efficient use and pooling of rail cars. These companies include: Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, and CSX Corporation.


The President of TTX is currently Tom Wells, who obtained the position after Andrew Reardon announced his retirement, effective at the end of 2008. Andrew Reardon currently holds the title of CEO and Charmian. Once he does retire Tom Wells will also take on those two roles.

Anti-Trust Issues
TTX owns a tremendous market share in Intermodal train cars. As a result of this and the high cost of entry into this market, TTX must obtain Anti-Trust exemptions ever 10 to 15 years from the Surface Transportation Board. What makes this case especially complicated is the fact TTX is owned by the major North American rail companies. Any competitors to TTX would then have to compete against an asset of their clients.

Both the major American Rail companies and TTX have a tremendous amount of political capital, especially in conservative circles. While this does help it should also be noted that TTX's argument is that they provide a more efficient system that saves the shipper and consumer money through economies of scale. TTX also claims that they do not price gouge because they are ultimately held accountable by their owners who compete with each other and other forms of freight transportation.

Source: Crain's Chicago Business

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