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   Laying there in the dust I saw a thousand burnt contrails weaving a tangle of thread contexts around the city. Echoes rolled across the sky followed by innumerable tiny neon pods snapping on like tracers flying up the four lane expressways. Between these I watched gangs of red silk gas bags struggling to hoist shining advertisements from the newly painted beams of fresh faced tea shops. I looked down at the crawling skin of the hill to where olive and emerald became prune, ochre, and brick and the skin began to shake violently with the smoky heat.

   Cicadas crept into my shirt and wired me into the organic communications grid and I could hear the city singing an evensong that more than bent the truth. I listened but I couldn't hear a single voice say one intelligible word. The whole thing poured up at me in a wave of white noise over the beat of the insect mating call and the swing of the knife grass.

   The light was going out. I could see an irrepressibly dense smog wiping out whole blocks. Incandescence fled before the dark but it was caught. The voice of the city roared and then I couldn't see the bamboo above me for the black...

Natural Environment

Taichung County is located at the central part of Taiwan, with the Central Mountains in the east and adjacent to Hua-lien County. Taichung County is faced with Taiwan Strait in the west, Chan-hua County and Nan-tow County in the south, Meow-Li County in the north. It covers 2,051.4712 square kilometers, divided into twenty-one towns and villages. As to the contour, the County consists of on-coast plains in the west, highlands in the west, Taichung Basin & Hills, and mountainous areas. Main rivers from the north to the south are as follows: Da-an river, Da-Ja river,and Ue river. The second largest streams are Da-Li stream, Han stream, Tow-ben-kun creek, Bu-tsi-Kun creek, Tsa-hu stream, Gan stream,Fa-tsi stream, etc. The County has a mild climate, with the yearly average temperature of 22.8?. It also has abundant rainfall, with 2,000 to millimeters in mountainous areas and 1,000 to 2,000 millimeters on ground level. Its four seasons feel like spring, extremely good for farming.


According to the census conducted by April 1998, the county has 1,453,434 people in total. Among the population are 747,221 males, taking 51.41%, and 706,213 females, taking 48.59%. Population density is 698.12 people per square kilometer.

Local Autonomy

Taichung County Government is located at Fengyuan Gity. The whole county covers 3 county administered cities, 5 towns, and 13 villages. It also administers 377 villages and 6,980 lins.
1. Administrative Organization County Government Under the County Government, there are 6 bureaus-civil affairs, finance, construction, education, public works and agriculture, 4 sections-social affairs, local conscription, local land administration and labor, and 6 offices-secretary, personnel, controller's, information, discipline of public functionaries, and planning. Subordinate Organization Offices under county government include police offices, tax offices, the bureau of public health, bureau of environmental protection, the poultry disease prevention and treatment center, culture center, land administration center, domiciliary administration center, scenic administration station, martial shrine, county stadiums, junior high schools and elementary schools.
2. People's Representative Organization The County Council The Taichung County Council was established in 1951 at Fengyuan and now in the 14th term with 57 councilors. The number of the councilors is determined by the population, with a term of 4 years. The convention is held every six months. The Town Delegation There are 21 town-delegations and 281 representatives in the county, with the function of audition budget and supervising the administration of towns and villages.


Taichung County is an equally-developed county of agriculture, industry, commerce, fishery, and pasturage. However, the County has been traditionally focusing on agriculture and thus generates plentiful crops. The county governor Yung-lai Liao emphasizes the importance of manufacturing business and is planning on the aviation and space industry. We hope there are more and more hight-tech manufacturing and business interested in having investment in our county. Industry & Commerce The County has enormous potential to develop, aiming atmanufacturing and trading. It includes six industrial districts which are Tantzi, Taipin, Dali, Waipu, Yushi, and Taichung Harbor.
Off-coast fish catch:3,782 tons
We promote the reforestation in large scale, preserving water resources, restoring our environment, and limiting the damage from the natural disaster. reforested
land: 235.83 hectares reforested
trees: 1,377,060 trees harvested
land: 7.6520 hectares
We establish pasturage zones and promote the pasturage and the domes-tication.
Agriculture main crops: rice, sweet potatoes, corn, sugar cane, vegetables and fruit.cultivated land area: 57.854.69 hectares grain cultivated area: 230,753.44 tons

Public Tansportation

Traffic system is the artery of city activities. Busy traffic and interlaced roads stimulate the County's booming. The County's highways, Notrh-south road, East-west road, railroads (mountain-line and sea-line), and Taichung Harbor make the successful traffic system. They also connect Shan, Hie, and Tuan districts togdther, making the area prosperous.

Major Tourist Spots

Greenish monutains and vast oceans, sketch out the splendid of the scenic spots in the County. It also covers the five traveling deries and displays itself to the utmost. Well-preserved visiting attractions come to the feature of the sightseeing in the County which include the Jun-lan Palace, the Wu's Garden, the Lin's Garden, Star-Reaching Mountain Village, Huan-See School, etc. They bear the mission of historical passing-on. The Count's vast land consists of five traveling series:
1. Central mountains travel series The scenic spots cover: Kukuan, Lishan, the Techi Dam, the Pa-Hsien-Shan Forest Park, Wuling Ranch, Hsuehpa National Park.
2. Snow Mountain travel series It is famous for the Big Snow Mt. Recreation Center and Donshih Woods.
3. Fengyuan city-tour series Its range covers Da-fu-Dee, Tsi-gee Temple, Shikang Dam, Holi Horse Ranch, Five Happiness Divine Trees, etc.
4. West coast travel series The main visiting spots are Tse-yun Rock, Tieh-Jan Mt. Scenic Spot, Wuchi Holiday Fish Market, etc.
5. Ta Tuan travel series It has the Provincia Convention, the Thousands Buddha Temple, the Taiwan Cinema & Culture Center, etc.

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