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Takako Nishizaki is widely recognised as Japan's finest living violinist, and is one of the most recorded violinists in the world. Whilst hugely technically accomplished, she plays with real musicality. Notably, she was the first student of the late Shinichi Suzuki, developer of the Suzuki method, and as such is one of the best ambassadors for this technique, much maligned in the West. Before going to the US to study with Joseph Fuchs at the Julliard, she attended the Toho School of Music in Japan.

I don't know that a discography of this feted and celebrated lady would be useful: chances are you'll be able to find her doing most of the repertoire somewhere. The degree of her virtuosity is indicated by the fact that whilst at the Julliard she was the second ever pupil to win the Fritz Kreisler award (Kreisler being one of the legendary virtuosi of old, on a par with Heifitz - but not with Menuhin), established by the master himself, and that since then she has recorded the complete Kreisler, in ten volumes. This is, believe me, dedication to being very good at the violin.

One of my favourite things about Nishizaki is that she lends real credence to a Naxos recording; something that's not easy to achieve. I've got her playing some Bach, Brahms and Bruch (coincidence) and she sounds assured and flawless on all of them. Her name on a recording is, say, a badge of reliability. I would happily recommend all her recordings to you in the knowledge that this is a consistent and gifted artiste. Enjoy.

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