Take Control
4th track on Maladroit

Leave me now
Show me how

And I won't be ashamed
Of the things we once made
And I won't be comin'
Back round here no more

Lead and try
Tell me why

And I won't let you down
Drag your name all over town
And I won't be comin'
Back round here no more

Yo, everyone, everyone
Everyone I know
Take control

(Repeat italics once.)

Lyrics from Maladroit liner notes

This track is not generally regarded as one of Weezer's finest. It appeared on Weezer's fourth studio release, Maladroit, which leaned more toward 'Hair-Dryer Rock', in comparison to the poppy tunes of The Green Album, angst of Pinkerton, and geek rock of The Blue Album. Take Control epitomizes the 'harder' feel of Maladroit, with heartfelt crooning from Rivers Cuomo and a pounding guitar refrain.

Rivers Cuomo puts a special 'story' into most of Weezer's songs. Two examples of this are the 'letter to daddy' that makes up Say it ain't so, and the pure, unrestrained recklessness of Why Bother. Take Control follows this Cuomo pattern, and brings up images of a resentful boyfriend, vowing to live on his own and be free, even when his girlfriend inevitably ditches him. The boyfriend wants others in his situation to 'take control' over their lives, instead of being a puppet like he was.

Not one of Cuomo's lyrical masterpieces, but nevertheless a strong work. Its simple chords and structure make it relatively painless to transpose to a cappella.

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