Takedown is a new movie based on Kevin Mitnick during the time he committed his apparent computer crimes.

Yet to be released in the US. A US date is still unsure of. It is based on the personal reports of Tsutomu Shimomura, John Markoff and a few other key characters.

Unheard of by many people, it is an accurate depiction of what Mitnick did and what happened to him when he was arrested. Some of the character names were different but most of the information was accurate.

Skeet Ulrich was cast as Kevin Mitnick. He was cast along with other excellent actors such as Tom Beringer and Russel Wong.

The movie is currently being produced by one would believe it to be Universal Studios

An excellent movie that deserves to be seen.

Only available way of viewing in the US is to download the movie from an IRC channel.

It should be noted that Kevin Mitnick himself has repeatedly denounced Takedown's author John Markoff as a libelous opportunist whose works have been based off dubious evidence and half truths.

In fact, in a 2003 Slashdot interview1 Mitnick, in addition to the accusations listed above, accused Markoff of threatening him that "any statement made by any source would be reported as fact". Makoff's false claims have been quite extreme according to Mitnick. Markoff testified in court that a source reported that Mitnick had hacked NORAD. Mitnick denied this, pointing out that the systems in question were not even on the net.

The list goes on and on making one thing clear: John Markoff's Takedown is not an accurate source of information.


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