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A couple of my friends were going through a messy break-up, and you know how that gets. Lines were drawn, and people were expected to declare allegiance for one or the other of them, in some cases, assumptions were made about where a person's loyalties lay. Whatever, it seemed as if it was impossible to retain a good, supportive relationship with both -- if you expressed any sympathy for the 'wrong' side, the 'right' side took it that you were unsympathetic toward them.

Old grievances were dredged up left, right and centre and the atmosphere around the group I mix with was starting to get poisonous.

I should note that it wasn't the participants in the break-up that prompted this so much as those around them.

I'm reasonably well known amongst the particular group for writing lyrics and poetry and in the end, I decided to express my frustration and through a lyric. I wish I could say it made things better, but it didn't really. It was possibly the most unpopular thing I've ever written -- but I still believe in every word.

Oh, and it isn't a bad song, either:

Taking Sides

You know it's easy to make judgements from the outside looking in
What he did to hurt her, or what she said to him
But someone somewhere wrote a cliché, subject: stones, and sin
And nobody is sinless, without stain
If somebody is hurting, do we need to cut them more?
Does it matter how they got there when they're lying on the floor?
Recrimination is for courtrooms, it is not what friends are for
Offer love, or offer silence, never blame

Now I am not religious, as all of you will know
But some truths are universal, all our instincts tell us so
"Judge not lest ye be judged," and "But for luck there I might go"
Are thoughts that we can always keep in mind
If a friend needs our compassion, must they first apologise,
Before we offer them a shoulder, or we help to dry their eyes?
And even if they have been foolish, are we permanently wise?
Do we need to be so cruel to be kind?

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