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Though I am poor and cannot afford a psychiatrist (not psychologist, should I ever spring for it; I am determined to be medicated), I live with a self-proscribed limitation on my television and news intake. They only serve to bring me down. Regardless of this, I still manage to hear about everything that is wrong with the world from everyone else. Sometimes I stop and wonder why I even bother trying when I could just give it up and lobotomize myself with my TV just like everyone else.

While waiting for the crosswalk on my way to work today I overheard this depressing tale of death by stupidity:

        "...this lady in [Ohio?] is holding her little girl over the edge of a [Bridge?] and she's saying 'I'm gonna drop ya, I'm gonna drop ya' an someone bumps into them and she drops her over the edge..."

What is it with parents doing morbidly foolish things to endanger the lives of their children? I don't even have a child but I can honestly say that I would never, ever even consider holding my child off of the edge of a building or bridge to scare them. I can court disaster with my own life all I want; why in the fuck would I do it with my child's life?

Driving drunk with your children in the car, not making them wear seatbelts, leaving them at home alone, keeping loaded guns in the house, dangling them over their certain deaths while burbling at them like a halfwit; what the fuck is going on in someone's head to cause them to do things such as these?
They are children. Chiiiillllldren.

Neglect and blatant stupidity is inexcusable in the death of a defenseless and innocent child. People should be locked away or at the very least neutered for this kind of shit. This weeks motto:

Genitalia is a privilege, not a right.

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