'Round these parts (Central Texas), a tallboy is a pint of beer in a can, more or less. Simple, no? No. Read on, regardless of what one might have read on the interweb. Here's a handy-dandy list of beer can sizes:

  • Can - 12 oz
  • Tallboy - 16 oz or 500 mL a.k.a. a pint
  • Stovepipe - 19.2 oz
  • Oil can - 24, 25, or 25.4 oz or 740 mL or ???(only applies to Foster's Lager anyways)
  • 24 - 24 oz

There are some others around the world, I hear, like a King can (25.6 or 750 ml), and some 24s are 25 ounces (looking at you, Budweiser), but the above list will serve one well if they are trying to be served. Had to put this together as I've seen 24s and stovepipes both called tallboys, as well as 24s called stovepipes. Not to mention pints being 500 or 473 mL depending on where you live. I'm assuming the can size is the same, just how much is put in is different. Guess some settling occurred during shipping. All this is like calling a coke a pop, as far as I'm concerned. Or mispronouncing pecan.

Not even going to bring up the earthquake bomb.

iron noder

Tall"boy` (?), n.


A kind of long-stemmed wineglass or cup.


A piece of household furniture common in the eighteenth century, usually in two separate parts, with larger drawers above and smaller ones below and raised on legs fifteen inches or more in height; -- called also highboy.


A long sheet-metal pipe for a chimney top.


© Webster 1913

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