Taveuni (tah-vee-ooo-nee), formerly known as Somosomo, is the third largest of the Fiji Islands (see also), located at the east of the Fiji Islands group, which is usually reached by aircraft landing at Taveuni's Matei Airport from the main island of Fiji (via either of the Suva or Nadi airports). The airlines providing services between Taveuni and the main island are Sun Air and Air Fiji. The island is located in the Somosomo Straits. One of the island's claims to fame, is the 180 degree meridian which passes through the island. Otherwise known as the International Date Line, this division between tomorrow and yesterday originally divided the island, but was later moved to circumvent the Fiji Islands.

Locations at Taveuni include Wairiki where there is a ferry wharf, and the villages of Naqaro, Qeleni, Waiyevo, and Somosomo.

The attractions of Taveuni include beautiful tropical rainforest, friendly inhabitants, snorkeling and diving sites (including the Waitabu Marine Park), spectacular rivers and waterfalls, a high altitude lake of volcanic origins (Lake Tangimauthia). The rare Tagimaucia plant only grows on the shores of this lake. The Bouma National Heritage Park contains spectacular waterfalls. The park is run as an ecotourism venture which benefits the local community. The island is of recent geological orgins, being created as the result of a volcanic eruption. Mt. Uluigalau is the tallest peak at 4,072 ft/1,241 m.

There are several holiday resorts to stay in, one of the better known locations is the Maravu Plantation Resort (a popular honeymoon desination for couples from the United States) owned by a German family. Other places to stay include the Taveuni Island Resort, and the Tovu Tovu Resort.

The island is inhabited mostly by native Fijians, who are primarily Christians. The history of the island records violent conflicts with the invading forces of Tonga, when enemy casualties were subjects of the practice of cannibalism. The last known case of cannibalism was recorded in the 1850s.

For more information visit taveuni.com.au, or wikipedia.org/wiki/Taveuni.

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