While I was hospitalized, our cats were allowed to roam the house. Since I'm allergic to them, upon each return, they were relegated to the back of the house. I started noticing mouse droppings in the kitchen, on countertops, in drawers of potholders, between the toaster and coffeepot.

My son let the cats back in but the mice continued. Since I was sleeping on the sofa downstairs, I could see and hear mice as soon as lights were off. My son ordered a Smart Mouse Trap, which doesn't kill the mice and according to the handy pamphlet:

You are probably a kindhearted person or you wouldn't own this trap. Nevertheless, mice shouldn't share your home because they destroy fabric, contaminate food, and are a health hazard. Their chewing and nest building cause many electric fires each year. However, you don't need to kill them or use cruel poisons.

One mouse got trapped immediately, was named Edgar before release at a playground down the street. Successive mice were named Edgar the 2nd up to Edgar the 8th. Again, according to the pamphlet:

It is a joy to see a mouse escape and to realize its life has been spared. This lesson in compassion is best shared with a child! Caution: Mice can bite and should not be touched. Their fleas may carry disease.

I'm all for teaching peace and being nice, just not regarding mice in my kitchen. That being said, the trap is filled with absurdly expensive aged cheddar, awaiting the next Edgar.


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