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Team Sleep is essentially vocalist Chino Moreno, from The Deftones. In Moreno's spare time, he's been working on a side project called Team Sleep. Moreno calls the music "very nocturnal, droney, ambient. It's pretty experimental. I'm writing short, pop songs for the project, and blending organic sounds with electronic equipment. It's kind of Massive Attack-ish."

Team Sleep is Chino Moreno, DJ Crook, and guitarist Todd Wilkinson (Chino's childhood friend), but expect to see a variety of Moreno's musician friends to make contributions here and there. Melissa Auf Der Maur from Hole is apparently singing vocals on one track. "I wanted Melissa because I wanted a vocal that sounded angelic," Moreno says. "Frank Delgado (Deftones' DJ) has been very involved in the music, and Abe Cunningham (Deftones' drummer) does some drumming. Everyone in the Deftones will probably get a little piece of it" says Moreno.

To date, Team Sleep has completed a total of 13 songs for their album, including one with guest vocalist Mike Patton.

The idea for Team Sleep came about when Deftones label Maverick asked for an acoustic version of the band's "Be Quiet and Drive." "I really enjoyed doing that. It was simple, I could work on the music by myself, and use my own ideas that weren't really typical Deftones-type material." The Deftones' track "Teenager" from "White Pony," originally started out as a Team Sleep song, and is the only song on that album that uses a drum machine. "I hadn't written any vocals for it," says Moreno. "I played it for the band, and they were cool with it being on the album. Then Stef Carpenter (Deftones' guitarist) and Frank collaborated on adding extra sounds to it."

Although as this point, there's no label or release date, Chino hopes to have the as yet untitled CD finished, and out sometime next year.

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