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A temple in Rome, commissioned by Romulus to commemorate his taking of the spolia opima from his defeated foe, Acron, king of the Caeninenses. The temple, named after “the Thundering Jupiter”, served for many centuries as the repository for war trophies. In 428 B.C. Cornelius Cossus slew Tolumnius the Etruscan, the king of Veii, and brought his spoils to Jupiter Feretrius. In 222 Marcus Claudius Marcellus did likewise, after killing the Insubrian king.

The temple of Jupiter Feretrius stood on the Capitoline hill, and was relatively small and austere compared to its neighbors, the great temples surrounding the area Capitolina. There is no mention of any statue of the god within temple, although there was likely at least an altar. The temple was rebuilt in 31 B.C by Augustus Caesar, as it had been neglected, and had lost its roof.

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