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The Temptations' third album released in November 1965, as Gordy 914, an imprint of Motown Records.

The group line up was,

otherwise known as the Classic Five

Original track listing

  1. Since I Lost My Baby
  2. The Girl's Alright With Me
  3. Just Another Lonely Night
  4. My Baby
  5. You've Got To Earn It
  6. Everybody Needs Love
  7. Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)
  8. Don't Look Back
  9. I Gotta Know Now
  10. Born To Love You
  11. I'll Be In Trouble
  12. You're The One I Need

Produced mainly by William (Smokey) Robinson; three tracks also produced by Norman Whitfield and one by Ivy Jo Hunter and Mickey Stevenson.

More smooth danceable soul from the boys, this time around only half the tracks come from Smokey Robinson, but including the hits Since I Lost My Baby and My Baby. Norman Whitfield gets a look in with the hit Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue), (something of a Northern Soul favourite in later years).

The best thing is the jazz inspired I'll Be In Trouble a wonderful ensemble vocal, and Just Another Lonely Night ain't half bad either.

If you decide to make me blue I'll be in trouble If you decide to be untrue I'll be in trouble No matter what you do or say I know I'm going to love you anyway

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