copyright 1998 Peggy Rathmann. Putnam. Children's picture book. 48 pages.

This book has hardly any words - all the story happenes in the pictures, and there's a lot to look at. It's a countdown to bedtime, and the hamsters are here to help - I don't know WHY they're here to help, but they are. A kid runs around brushing its teeth and taking a last pee while the busload of hamster tourists zooms around enjoying the sights and causing trouble. It's cute without being dumb - a narrow line to walk - and is excellent for kids who aren't quite reading on their own - there's plenty of story here without text. offers FREE SNACKS!   SECRET CODE! and HAMSTER R.V.s!   PLEASE NOTE: No hamsters were upset or otherwised inconvenienced by the concept, creation, or final development of this high-quality web site.

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