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The Ten Tigers of Canton, immortalized in numerous Kung Fu movies, and referenced in countless others, were actual kung fu practicioners in the mid 1800's.

The Ten Tigers of Canton were the top martial artists in the city of Guangzhou, later anglicized into Canton, near the end of the Qing dynasty.

The tigers themselves were:

Wong Yun Lum
Wong Ching Ho
So Hak Fu, also known as Black Tiger So
Wong Kei-ying, father of Wong Fei Hung
Lai Yun Chiu
So Hut Yee, also known as Beggar Su
Chow Tai
Tit Cue Sam, also known as Iron Bridge Three
Tit Chi Chan, also known as Iron Fingers Chan
Tam Chai Hok

Wong Fei Hung is often mistakenly included in this list because of occasionally being called "The Tiger after the Ten Tigers of Canton". An incomplete listing of movies about the Ten Tigers:

The Tigers: The Legend of Canton
Ten Tigers of Kwangtung
Ten Tigers of Shaolin

...and of course the epic series about Wong Fei Hung, Once Upon A Time in China

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