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An entertainment center in downtown Helsinki. ”Tennispalatsi” means ”Tennis Palace” in Finnish.

The functionalist building known today as Tennispalatsi was originally built in the 1937 in anticipation of the Helsinki Olympics, which were then due for 1940. During its early years, the building housed four indoors tennis courts which it was named after. Since then it has also housed a department store and a flea market, among others.

In 1993, the City of Helsinki started to plan an extensive renovation of the now downtrodden Tennispalatsi, turning it into a cultural center. An effort was made to both preserve and to showcase the now appreciated architectural features. The project was completed in 1999.

Today, Tennispalatsi houses a 14-screen multiplex, the Tennispalatsi Art Museum and the Museum of Cultures. The multiplex, owned by Finnkino group, is the largest and most popular cinema complex in Finland. Tennispalatsi 1 has the largest screen in Scandinavia, and every auditorium features THX and SDDS. Remaining space is leased to a number of shops and restaurants.

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