Judging by several females' quick and brash (I wonder what time of the month it is now? LOL. Just kidding) reply to my node estrogen induced anger, I will now node the male equivalence on the subject.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone (incidentally, males also have small amounts of estrogen running around in their blood, and vice versa females have bits of testosterone in theirs). At puberty, it is mainly this hormone that induces our bodies to change. Our voices deepen, our Adam's apples protrude, and we grow lots of body hair.

It has also been linked to the stranger aspects of male behavior. I will list now several things that I have heard women link to the hormone testosterone. Hey we have our pride too you know!

  • Belching in public
  • Farting in public
  • Stereotyped "macho" behavior
  • Interest in guns and fireams
  • Belligerence
  • Assholism (OK now thats a bit too far)
  • Add whatever you feel is appropriate.

    Aww come on you can't take a joke??

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