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A choir composed of the most elite high school singers in Texas. Singers prepare 8 pieces and audition by singing cuts from them at four rounds. The audition process breaks down as such:

    District: The first round contains all the students in a small group of school districts. For some, this number may be as high as 3000 auditioners (as in my case, in Region V). Generally, cuts from three of the eight pieces are selected to be performed, one student at a time, in multiple rooms. 32 students are accepted from each voice part: Soprano I, Soprano II, Alto I, Alto II, Tenor I, Tenor II, Baritone, Bass.

    This is actually considered more as "Pre-Region" since the region audition is just weeding down the same people accepted by district.

    Region: Round two - the previous 32 per section are weeded down to 14 plus two alternates. New music selections are sung.

    Area: In some parts of the state where competition is sparce, regions combine for the area audition where the top 5 and three alternates are chosen from each voice part using the last two pieces of music and a sightreading challenge. In places with high participation, each region simply has a third audition to weed their 14 down to five and three before they combine.

    State: Three areas combine and the top five out of fifteen in each voice part are selected to perform in San Antonio in the All State Choir (280 members total - 21 areas, 40 members per state audition). Cuts from all 8 pieces are performed and sight reading challenges attempted. Those that proceed are the elite.

It is a rigorous process and reaks havoc on a teen's ego if they fail in late rounds. Some areas are more prestigious than others. For example, an All Stater fro Region V is considered far more incredible than a stater from Region XIII, due to the fact that region five has eight to ten times the applicants that thirteen does. All in all, those that make it are the cream of the crop, and most go on to pursue music careers. Some go to UNT (University of North Texas), the largest music school in the nation, some to Juliard, some never perform again. In any case, it's a mild amount of glory for someone other than a jock to enjoy in Texas.

Quick breakdown of the numbers as it would go from region V:

(students accepted)/(students auditioned) : (approx female accepted)/(approx audit) : (approx male accept)/(approx audit)

District: 256/2500 : 128/2000 : 128/500
Region: 112/256 : 56/128 : 56/128
Area: 40/112 : 20/56 : 20/56
State: 40/120 : 20/60 : 20/60 : another 20/60 to girls chorale (the 6-10 places in each girls section)

*NEW THIS YEAR (2001-2002 audition) - the men will also have the 6-10 spots in each section at the final audition sent to a men's chorus.

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