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Last night (4/12/2001) The second episode of That's My Bush!, the latest from South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker premiered on Comedy Central. In keeping with my first writeup on the show, I now bring my thoughts on the second episode.

My Review

The second episode of That's My Bush, continued the formula established by the first episode, one of lampooning both the President, and the American Sitcom. In this episode the White House is beset upon by dubya's old frat buddies, and Geroge W. Bush is scheduled to witness an execution.

Once again a standard sitcom plot, that of the husband's old "party-buddies" invading his life is used as a backdrop for an 'in your face' attack on Geroge W. Bush's stance on the issues, in this case, the Death Penalty. We've all seen those sitcom episodes where the primary male character encouters his friends who really haven't changed since high school or college, and the character always makes a fool out of himself while he tries to show them that he hasn't "lost it". The typical scenario is played out here, when GWB is advised to be a witness to an execution. George shows heistation and his old friends acuse him of having gone soft. George decided to attend the execution, but doesn't wat the press to see his frat buddies. The perfect plan, hire an improv troupe (Stone and Parker taking the chance to attack improv comedy as well) to stage a fake execution two hours before the actual execution, his buddies see the fake one, he can attend the real one, and everything will work out, right? Of cours not.

The show, in it's second episode, hold the same charm as the first episode, and manages to be less blatantly accross-the-board offensive (I don't think any GWB supporter is going to enjy the show, unless they have a good sense of humor about themselves and their president). With the combination of changing national isues, and a bevy of sitcom plots to lampoon, That's My Bush has massive potential, as long as it's star can remain in office.

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