This is the phrase that will be uttered by your college professor when a complete and total idiot raises their hand and spouts out a line of complete and utter idiocy in response to a question that is completely obvious.

For some reason in modern education, many teachers will no longer point out the fact that the idiot in question is indeed and in fact completely wrong, and quite possibly, should never, ever, under any circumstances, ever speak again, ever.

This is a horrible state of affairs, as this person, enthused that they have made a valid point will continue to participate for the rest of their lives. In fact, they may feel compelled to ask completely irrelevant questions right smack in the middle of the lecture, and the professor will do absolutely nothing!

Nothing at all!

In fact, it seems as if they are enthused by the mere act of unprovoked speech!

When ASKED a question in a large lecture, they will bend over backwards, no matter how idiotic the question may be, to in some way try to give an answer that envelops the discipline that the professor in question's class deals with, despite the fact the question may not have been a question at all!


(Jim raises his hand)

Professor: Yes Jim, you have a question?

(The teacher knows Jim's name because Jim is one of the only people who asks questions, despite their total irrelevancy)

Jim : My cat likes gum!

Professor : That's interesting, as you all may well know, GUM was the name of one of the largest stores in the former USSR and is an important facet of Soviet life to be focusing on .........etc.


In every very large lecture, there always seems to be one of these people. They commonly appear to have some sort of mental disorder that is pronounced socially and basically inhibits the idiotic question-asking-question-answering person from realizing just how annoying they actually are.

These people can commonly be referred to as "That Guy". Sorry ladies, it's almost always a guy (feel proud!).

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