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Air Canada's unique approach to queue management. The Algorithm is as follows:

  1. Begin with one or more queues on some set of resources.
  2. At random times, disqueue the first n queued entities, en-masse, in any queue.
  3. Insert these blocks of disqueued entities into a new queue (which we shall arbitrarily denote 'limbo') in random order. Entities queued in limbo are given no information and no opportunity to pursue alternative courses of action. Entities in limbo are effectively isolated from the universe until their block is processed.
  4. Blocks of entities are removed one-by-one from the limbo queue at random time intervals.
  5. Once a block is removed from limbo, each individual entity may now attempt to re-enter the original queue - at the back of course.
  6. Give yourself a moment to observe with satisfaction that you have managed to completely randomize the original queue order, from which nobody has even been served yet.
  7. Just when everyone's resigned themselves to this new ordering, Repeat from step 1.

This system is just absolutely great, and at the risk of GTKY, I must say that I for one FUCKING love it. For those of you that missed it, that's "FUCKING love it", with a capital "FUCKING".

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