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The Birth of Merlin, or the Childe Hath Found His Father


Enter Cador and Edwin.

Bright victory her self fights on our part,
And, buckled in a golden beaver, rides
Triumphantly before us.

Justice is with her,
Who ever takes the true and rightful cause.
Let us not lag behinde them.

Enter Prince.

Here comes the prince. How goes our fortunes, sir?

Hopeful and fair, brave Cador.
Proud Vortiger, beat down by Edols sword,
Was rescu'd by the following multitudes,
And now for safety's fled unto a castle
Here standing on the hill: but I have sent
A cry of hounds as violent as hunger,
To break his stony walls; or, if they fail,
We'l send in wilde fire to dislodge him thence,
Or burn them all with flaming violence. (Exeunt.

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