A fairly pleasant but forgettable band that first sneaked through the door to chart success behind the Britpop explosion in 1995. The band is comprised of singer Mark Morriss, his brother Scott on Bass, Guitarist Adam Devlin and Eds Chesters on drums.

Their first (again, forgettable) single was "Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?," but it was the strength of their second proper single "Bluetonic" that genuinely announced their arrival on the ever-growing Britpop scene as it went top 20 in the UK charts in September 1995. "Slight Return," their third single, entered the UK charts at number 2 in early '96. It was accompanied by the release of their debut album, Expecting to Fly, which went straight into the album chart at number 1. Their fourth single "Cut Some Rug", taken from the album charted at number 7. Their records in Britain are released under their own label, "Superior Quality Recordings", it being their own part of A&M.

They list their influences mostly coming from the likes of Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young, and, surprisingly, Led Zeppelin. Try as I might, I really cannot hear said influences in their music—they just sound like British pop music from the mid-nineties. There's nothing wrong with that, of course.

This discography may be incomplete. If I have left anything out please /msg me and I'll correct it.
I have not included any vinyl releases on purpose, though. Too much to write down...

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