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The Brothers of A ... A ... are one with the Mother of
   the Child.4
The Many is as adorable to the One as the One is to
   the Many. This is the Love of These; creation-parturition
   is the Bliss of the One; coition-dissolution
   is the Bliss of the Many.
The All, thus interwoven of These, is Bliss.
Naught is beyond Bliss.
The Man delights in uniting with the Woman; the
   Woman in parting from the Child.
The Brothers of A ... A ... are Women: the Aspirants
   to A ... A ... are Men.



          Gimel is the High Priestess of the Tarot. This chapter gives the initiated feminine point of view; it is therefore called the Oyster, a symbol of the Yoni. In Equinox X, The Temple of Solomon the King, it is explained how Masters of the Temple, or Brothers of A ... A ... have changed the formula of their progress. These two formulae, Solve et Coagula, are now ex- plained, and the universe is exhibited as the interplay between these two. This also explains the statement in Liber Legis I, 28-30.


          (4) They cause all men to worship it.

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Original text by Aleister Crowley
Commentary by Karl Germer
I need your help! This stuff is very cryptic, feel free to provide your own commentary.

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