The regular computer graphics column in monthly editions of ST Format, Future Publishing's monthly magazine for users of the Atari ST family of computers, which ran from 1986(ish) to 1996(ish). Written in ST/Amiga/Mac/PC Format's trademark sarcastic, cheeky style, it was usually the first thing I read when I got the magazine every month (after the list of cover disk apps).

Readers were encouraged to mail in floppy disks (internet? what's that?) containing their own artwork (their antivirus software must have had smoke coming out of it) for inclusion in the magazine.

Given that the ST's highest quality resolution was 300x200x16, some of the work was of remarkable quality, with some incredibly detailed, hand-drawn photorealistic artwork being produced on a regular basis. There was the regular stock of metallic balls floating above chessboard renders, but a few that I still remember today.

The most popular graphics package on the ST was Deluxe Paint, a port of the Amiga product, that (if i remember correctly) ended up becoming Paint Shop Pro.

I've got a big stack of ST Formats lying around somewhere, I think I'll go and dig them out...

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