Located at the shore of the beach in the Arabian Gulf/Persian Gulf just about 5 kilometers where the Khobar towers stand is The Castle Shisha Shack. Although it resembeles nothing close to a palace. Customers are not friendly and service is just as lousy and slow. You need to yell at the people who work there and order them around to get attention since being nice does not work. It can be equated to a bar full of gangsters although alcohol is not served. Its against the law in Saudi.

Recomended for lung destruction are apple flavoured shisha or fakhfakhina (head beater). A combination of apples and grape flavoured shisha known by others as Hubbly Bubbly. The Palace is open 24 hours a day and it only closes during prayer times 5 times a day to avoid harrasment by the relegious police. It can contain some 50 customers at a given time and the customers have to sit on the floor and have recreational options of playing card games such as ballote being the most popular game or just sit and watch T.V..

on a side note: Shisha/Hubble Bubbly contains 10X the amount of toxins that your regular marlboro lights contain.

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