A legally recognized religion in the United States. Members believe that body modification such as piercing, tattooing, scarification and branding are ways to spiritually reflect and grow. The real reason behind its creation and consequences thereof?

It turns bod mod into a legally protected activity for employees since it's an expression of their faith. So get that labret and wear it proudly, for no one shall be able to fire you for it. At least that's the idea. I wonder if it'll hold up in court: there's precedent both ways.

Membership is a requested $50, I believe. However, the people behind this are pretty trustworthy: Steve Haworth, now a Reverend, and the people behind BMEZine. I think these are people you can trust to do The Right Thing, and many of them truly do feel that modification of the body is a spiritual experience. It may be found at http://www.churchofbodmod.org/

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