And you ask yourself... what happenned to the other two bakers? Conspiracy theorists agree, Wendell ate them all! Take a careful look at these points (discovered by professionals!) and ask yourself what you think is really the truth here.

  • There used to be three bakers (God save us if we actually bothered to remember their names. We can't be concerned with details, we're pointing out details here.)
  • The original trio dissappeared, to be replaced by a jolly, grinning Wendell.
  • There happens to be a jolly, grinning Wendell who works at a cerain cafeteria on the UT campus in Austin.
  • Wendell wears an apron.
  • He also has a silly hat.
  • Soon after the original bakers were usurped, hypnotic cinnamon swirls began appearing on the toast crunch, swirls which are 'the taste that you can see' (Wendell is forcing us, subliminally, to look at the cereal, and not the truth. The rumors have it that the original bakers are being slowly introduced into the cereal itself, by way of the not listed ingredient in said cereal which we refer to as 'blood cinnammon'.
  • The disclaimer at the end of the commercials has, in it's final lines (i.e. the bottom of the screen), the phrase, "Those who attempt to depose the sovereign Wendell will be eaten by the true believers." This leads me to believe that people who are in active opposition to eating this cereal will 'go the route of the O.B.s' (original bakers), so to speak.

In summation, I'd just like to add this. Enjoy your cereal,
and watch your back!

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