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"The Dana Carvey Show" was a very funny television series that lasted only 7 episodes way back in 1996. It was broadcast on ABC Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. Each episode was 1/2 hr long and "sponsored" by some large corporation or a product of one, hence names like "The Mug Root Beer Dana Carvey Show". The show starred the hilarious comedian Dana Carvey in various roles and sketches with knock off characters from his skits on the television show "Saturday Night Live" (he apparently was forbidden from using his SNL characters on the show). Each show began with a musical introduction from whoever was the supposed sponsor and progressed on to a question and answer period with the audience. He then moved on to the skits. The skits were insanely funny but often very offensive. The first episode opened with a skit where Dana, as President Bill Clinton, breast-fed an infant and a baby pig from rubber nipples on a fake torso. After that, some of the sponsors pulled out. The show was so funny as to be shocking, and maybe not something everyone was ready to digest right after the low-level comedy of the other shows on that night. Dana opened the second episode by saying, "Welcome to the second Dana Carvey Show, wonder if there’s going to be a third!" A few weeks later the show was pulled from the air.

Here is the original schedule of the show:

12 Mar 96 The Taco Bell Dana Carvey Show

19 Mar 96 The Mug Root Beer Dana Carvey Show

26 Mar 96 The Mountain Dew Dana Carvey Show

2 Apr 96 The Diet Mug Root Beer Dana Carvey Show

9 Apr 96 The Dana Carvey Show (sponsored by Pepsi)

23 Apr 96 The Szechwan Dynasty Dana Carvey Show

30 Apr 96 The Dana Carvey Show

Here is the cast:

Dana Carvey

Steven Carell

Bill Chott

Stephen Colbert

Heather Morgan

Peggy Shay

Robert Smigel

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