A book written by master anthologist Alberto Manguel(he compiled Black Water one the best anothologies I've ever seen) and co writen by Gianni Guadalupi this is a book about all the fantastic places that are in literature and myth. From Atlantis to Tolkien's Middle-Earth, this book covers more than 1,200 places storytellers from Homer all the way up. There is also pictures of things like Umberto Eco's Island of the Day Before, Salman Rushdie's Sea of Stories(so cool), and Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. What makes Manguel such a good editor and compilier is he always seems to include all the exciting heavyweights (as opposed to Russian Realistsand Jane Austen) and in this book there is stuff from the minds of Lewis Carroll, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne, L. Frank Baum, C. S. Lewis and Jorge Luis Borges. More than 200 original illustrations and maps of stuff like Oz, Lilliputia and Narnia. Pretty neat.

nodes on E2 (courtesy of spacklequeen) about these places:

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