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I have recently come up with the theory that nothing in life is really difficult when divided into it's component parts. It is simply the integration that makes everything so difficult.

To illustrate this concept, let us look at the game of Tennis as an example. Let's break tennis up into some basic component parts:

I am probably missing some, and these too could be broken up into component form, for instance, running is made up of moving one foot forward then... etc, however, this should suffice for the example.

Now, are any of these actions listed difficult? If they are then they could be broken up into smaller, less difficult components. Slowly as we integrate the base elements things become more difficult. If we aim for the ball, it is harder than just swinging the racket. If we wait until a ball is within range and then aim and swing, though we're standing in one place we should be able to hit it when it comes close. The more elements we integrate, the more difficult it becomes, but the better the Tennis player we become.

The question, however, is: "What use is any of this?" Well, there are several possible uses for this theory. The first one is simple. For you to be good at the sum total of tennis, you must be good at all the composite parts. If you are bad at running then you need to practice running. The same goes for any of the other components. We can also see that because each component you integrate makes the sum total more difficult, the skills you find difficult but that are unessential should be left off until you have mastered the game without them. It would be foolish for an amateur tennis player to try to use spin with any shot, or, for that matter, to use spin at all.

By gradually integrating components instead of starting with a lump-sum solution, we can make the transition from components to final product a much easier one. Eventually, once you've mastered the integration of all the parts you can master a skill as a whole, but it takes time, and effort. Be it the skills for Tennis, debating, or anything else, the same principles apply.

Practice makes perfect.

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