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The Edwin Smith Papyrus

Case One


TITLE: Instructions concerning a wound in his head penetrating to THE BONE of his skull.

EXAMINATION: If thou examinest a man having a wound in his head, penetrating to bone of his skull, (but) not having a gash, thou shouldst palpate his wound (or, thou shouldst lay thy hand upon it); shouldst thou find his skull uninjured, not having a perforation; a spilt, or a smash in it.

TREATMENT: Thou shouldst bind it with fresh meat the first day (and) treat afterward with grease, honey (and) lint every day until he recovers.

NOTE A: As for: "Thou examinest a man," it means counting any one like counting things with a bushel. (For) examining (literally "measuring") is like one's counting a certain quantity with a bushel, (or) counting something with the fingers, in order to know. It is measuring things with a bushel which -- one in whom an ailment is counted, like measuring the ailment of a man; in order to know the action of the heart. There are canals (or vessels, mt) in it (the heart) to every member, Now if the priests of Sekhmet or any physician put his hands (or) his fingers upon the head, upon the back of the head upon the two hands, upon the pulse, upon the two feet, he measures to the heart, because its vessels are in the back of the head and in the pulse; and because its pulsation is in every vessel of every member, He says "measure" regarding his wound because of the vessels to his head and to the back of his head and to his two feet -- his heart in order to recognize the indications which have arisen therein; meaning to measure it in order to know that is befalling therein.

NOTE B: As for: "while his wound does not have two lips," it means his wound is narrow, not wide; without gaping of one (lip) from the other.

NOTE C: As for: "penetrating to the bone of his skull, (but) not having a gash", it means that there is a gaping of the flesh, although --------- over the bone of his skull, without gaping of one (lip) from the other, being narrow, not wide.

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