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The Edwin Smith Papyrus
Case Thirty-Two

TITLE: Instructions concerning a displacement in a vertebra of his neck.

EXAMINATION: If thou examinest a man having a displacement in a vertebra of his neck, whose face is fixed, whose neck cannot turn for him, (and) thou shouldst say to him: "Look at thy breast (and) thy two shoulders," (and) he is unable to turn his face that he may look at his breast (and) his two shoulders.

DIAGNOSIS: Thou shouldst say concerning him: "One having a displacement in a vertebra of his neck. An aliment which I will treat ."

TREATMENT: Thou shouldst bind it with fresh meat the first day. Thou shouldst loose his bandages and apply grease to his head as far as his neck, (and) thou shouldst bind it with ymrw(?). Thou shouldst treat it afterward with honey every day, (and) his relief is sitting until he recovers.

NOTE A: As for: "A displacement in a vertebra of his neck," he is speaking concerning a sinking of a vertebra of his neck to the interior of his neck, as foot settles into cultivated ground. It is a penetration downward.

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