In our society we are constantly brought into contact with electromagnetic fields which act upon our minds and our bodies. From mobile telephones and computer screens to radio waves and microwaves, there are invisible forms of energy that constantly surround us. The premise of The Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique (R) is that the human body has its own energy system or network, which is also referred to as the ‘Universal Calibration Lattice’. As the human body responds to various external and internal energies it is possible that its energy field can become disrupted and this may aggravate stress or feelings of being drained of energy. 'EMF Balancing' is a form of energy work that helps people cope with the stressful pace of modern society by realigning the energy lattice in accordance with their intuition. The treatment can also be used as a tool for self-empowerment.

What you can expect to gain from EMF Balancing.

The aim is to restore the balance of energies in one’s life, but this is a personal matter in as much as the extent to which EMF Balancing will be beneficial is based on one’s personal intent. It can be life transforming or merely a facilitated way to cope more easily with stress or as a form of support during a particularly challenging period in your life.

How does it work?

A session involves the practitioner using their hands to guide universal energy with TaiChi-like movements through the client’s energy field to realign or recalibrate the lattice. By doing so energy blockages due to stress, past events, anxiety etc. are released and balance is restored. The recipient of the balancing (or energetic alignment) lies, fully clothed on a massage table. There are various phases and each phase is aimed at realigning and releasing energy blocks from various centres (or chakras) in the physical body and in the lattice surrounding the body. This is done according to the needs and intents of the person receiving the session. Throughout the alignment one can experience the flow of energy through the body as tingling temperature changes which can be either warm or cool. Afterwards clients have expressed feelings of deep relaxation, peace, a sense of connectedness and calm. Powerful visualizations often occur, and the sessions have been likened to deep, guided meditations.

Phase 1 - Wisdom and Emotions

This session facilitates the release of stress and establishes a new pattern of freedom and well-being. It encourages the energetic balance between head and heart. Phase 1 assists with balancing the intellect and emotions and helps to start the gentle release of emotional blocks and often creates feelings of joyfulness, calm and peace.

Phase 2 - Self Direction and Self Support

This session gracefully releases the energy restraints of past experiences, and promotes awareness of Self Support and Self Direction. Phase 2 continues the process of release initiated in Phase 1 by allowing us to reclaim the excess energy that has been invested over the years in emotional attachments to past events. These attachments can be very draining and may deprive us of joy, freedom and vitality in the present. However, the past also offers us the wisdom of the lessons we have learned. In Phase 2 we give the intent to transmute our history into a source of support for the future, not a weight that holds us back.

Phase 3 - Radiate Core Energy

The radiating of ones core energy encourages the increased flow of energetic intelligence into daily life. You may experience new understandings and insights into your soul's unique expression. In Phase 3 the focus is on the unification of chakras (or energy centres) and the clearing of the smaller energy centres along the meridians in the body: These smaller energy vortexes are found around the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip, knees, ankles, jaw, forehead, under the arms, back of knee and at the back of the neck. This is an intensive clearing and realignment of the energetic body. It is a preparation for the process of creating your future.

Phase 4 - Energetic Accomplishment

Phase 4 draws upon the energetic alignments that occurred in the first three phases to establish a balanced pattern for continuous development and the evolution of all aspects of your being. Having cleared past blockages and strengthened the electromagnetic field, Phase 4 is the start of a new cycle in ones life. There is an opportunity to visualise your ideal future and create it with intents generated 'in the present' during the session.

There are currently four phases to the work. However, in November this year Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the developer of this technique, is coming to London to align and teach advanced practitioners in Europe Phases 5,6,7 and 8. Once I have completed those phases I'll add that information to this write-up.

Authors' note: If you are familiar with the artwork of Alex Grey, or the Lee Carol's Kryon books, this information may not seem heady, or far-fetched. However, if it really does not resonate with you, it's OK. Really. Fortunately it's not vital for clients to believe that they even have an energy field surrounding them for the balancing to take place or for them to feel the benefits of having a session. The intent of this work is evolution and 'elegant empowerment'.

**Blue Pill** It's all a bunch of tree-hugging hippie crap. Luckily, the choice is always yours, heheheheh)

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