I believe that a brain with Everything as its knowledge base would certainly "think" the way humans do. But how is that, exactly?

E2 mirrors the human thought process because it is like a train of thought. Surfing the site can be like lying in bed at night staring at the ceiling... hopping arbitrarily from one idea to another. This is something that computers cannot easily comprehend, since they act on a specific set of rules and are incapable of such abstract associations.

But suppose we did feed a robot the E2 database. Suddenly it would have a precedent for these associations, and would at least be able to make the same ones that people have made before. (Notwithstanding that a large percentage of softlinks are random, unintentional, and essentially meaningless). Who knows; with enough analysis, perhaps it would eventually be able to make them its own. Then it could truly be called an AI.

There must be myriad uses for this, but what could they possibly be? Perhaps the brain could be programmed with something like ELIZA to form a more empathic virtual psychiatrist. It could write novels, poetry, TV scripts; it could run a psychic hotline; it could work as a detective and solve crimes.

But we'd more likely end up with a bisexual net addict with an infatuation for pop culture. At least it'd be able to entertain at parties, with all the dirty jokes it'd know.

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