This is the title of a movie from 1989 starring John Travolta. He and a partner are a couple of guys from New York who get drugged, kidnapped, and taken off to what they think is some sleepy town in the midwest. Everyone in the town is totally stuck in the 50's, and is very naive and old-fashioned. One man who is in charge of the town offers John and his partner the job of establishing a trendy night club to modernize the town's social atmosphere.

Over time, the two New Yorkers uncover the secret that the entire town is hidden somewhere in the Soviet Union as a training site for spies. The naive and unsuspecting citizens are actually unaware that their entire town was fabricated by the KGB for the purposes of studying American culture, and for creating spies who could better infiltrate American cities.

A Russian pilot who gets off course and lands in the secret base by mistake ends up helping John and his partner with a heroic escape. And all of the innocent citizens fly away to freedom in the pilot's airplane along with John and his partner.

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