The Fairways are a San Francisco indiepop band, sharing the stage with the famed the aislers set, #poundsign#, scrabbel and other san francisco pop experiences.

Band Members:


"Is Everything All Right?" CD - Paris Caramel Records - PC007

Track Listing

  • 1 A song For Jenni
  • 2 Secretive Girl
  • 3 Close To Me
  • 4 Quarter To Seven
  • 5 Postcard Picture
  • 6 K L M Line
  • 7 Get It Right
  • 8 Darling Don’t You
  • 9 Phthalo Blue
  • 10 Lets Go

"The Rain Fell Down" (cover of a Jesse Garon and The Desperados song) w/ The Aislers Set " - Yakamishi-Chocolate Bars & Crashing Cars

"Permanent Vacation" split w/ Three Berry Ice Cream CD - Dogpile Records - PUPPY12

"Darling Don't You Think" 7" - Matinee Records - MAT009

"Phthalo Blue" alternate version in Beikoku Ongaku v.13 compilation 6661 Album CD - Beikoku Ongaku - BDBO-E0013

"Secretive Girl in Beikoku Ongaku v.15 compilation Dobsonfly CD - Beikoku Ongaku - BDBO-E0015

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