The Wumenguan, or Mumonkan in Japanese, known in English as the Gateless Gate, is a famous collection of 48 koans, with commentaries and verses by Mumon Ekai (Wumen Huikai), a 13th century monk who was abbot at Ryusho (Lungxiang) monastery.

Modern collections also include additions and commentaries by other authors, most notably Muryo Souju (Wuliang Zhongshou), and Tei Seishi (Cheng Qinci), who added a 49th koan.

Unfortunately, I have only come upon English translations of the Japanese or the Chinese versions, but not the original Chinese. I'd be much obliged if someone can point out a public domain copy to me.

The Gateless Gate


The great path has no gates,
Thousands of roads enter it.
When one passes through this gateless gate
He walks freely between heaven and earth.

-- Mumon

Courtesy of iBiblio, I have now noded up 33 of the 49 Zen koans in Mumon's classic collection The Gateless Gate. While the identity of the original translator is unknown, this English translation (from Japanese) is known to date from the late 1800's and is in the public domain. The koans themselves, of course, date back hundreds of years. The transcription was done by Ben Walter and Adam Fuller.

The koans are not numbered, since the numbering between versions varies widely. Since I did not want to detract from the flow, hardlinks have intentionally been used very sparingly, primarily for more esoteric Buddhist terminology (and some more or less famous characters as well). Other than fixing a few typos, the text itself has not been altered. Without further ado:

I am currently testing out how to best incorporate the original (ancient) Chinese into the koans; if you have any ideas or comments, please /msg me.

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